Westland Residential Insurance Customer

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Westland Residential Insurance Customer by Mind Map: Westland Residential Insurance Customer

1. Key Stakeholders

1.1. Westland Insurance Group Departments

1.1.1. Sales Inside Sales Outside Sales Retail Branches Commercial Producers

1.1.2. Marketing Lead Generation Web Email Blasts Social Media Events & Trade Shows Branch Referrals Customer Referrals Partner Referrals 3rd Party Lead Generators Sponsorships Reputation Management Social Media Direct Mail Donations On Line Surveys Partner Co Branding Flights Branded Vehicles

1.1.3. Claims

1.1.4. Accounting

1.1.5. Underwriting

1.1.6. Retail Operations Renewals

1.1.7. People & Performance

1.1.8. IT/Support

1.1.9. Commercial

1.2. Westland Insurance Company

1.3. External Business Partners

1.3.1. Insurance Companies

1.3.2. Reinsurance Companies

1.3.3. Restoration Companies

1.3.4. Outsourced Adjusters

1.3.5. Outsourced Claims Partners

1.3.6. Claims Service Partners

1.3.7. Vendors

1.3.8. Regulatory Bodies

2. Assumptions to avoid

2.1. Customers only want to hear from Westland upon renewal

2.2. Customer only make purchasing decision based on premium

2.3. Customers do not understand their policy wordings

2.4. Westland's current culture will drive innovation and transformation

2.4.1. Westland's current leadership team understands digital strategy

2.4.2. Transformation can occur in silos/piece meal

2.5. A lack of complaints does not mean exceptional customer experience

2.6. Westland is more progressive than our competitors

2.7. Just because Westland has grown rapidly to become a market leader does not mean we truly understand the needs of our customers

3. Data Sources

3.1. Existing

3.1.1. Westland Insurance Enterprise

3.1.2. Salesforce.com

3.1.3. Insurance Company Portals/Reports

3.2. New

3.2.1. Westland Innovation Team (W.I.T)

3.2.2. Westland Customer Advocacy (Focus Group)

3.2.3. Microsoft Dynamics ERP

3.2.4. Service Now

3.2.5. On Line Surveys

3.2.6. 3rd Party Data Aggregators

3.2.7. On Line Community Groups

4. Key Points

4.1. Customer Processes

4.1.1. Client Acqusition

4.1.2. Policy Management Document Services Policy Changes

4.1.3. Claims Submissions Status Active Claims

4.1.4. Payments

4.2. Customer Needs

4.2.1. Fast Response Times

4.2.2. Omni Channel On Line Live Chat Contact Us Email Social Media Retail Branch (In Person) Inbound Telephone

4.2.3. Simple and Clear Terminlogy

4.2.4. Multiple Communications

4.3. Customer Perceptions

4.3.1. Insurance Advisors can't be trusted

4.3.2. Insurance Advisors are too analytical

4.3.3. Insurance industry is antequated

4.3.4. Insurance companies raise premiums for profit only

4.4. Key Question

4.4.1. Do we even know what our what experience our customers want?