Mobile Apps Mind Map

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Mobile Apps Mind Map by Mind Map: Mobile Apps Mind Map

1. Instruction

1.1. Aurasma

1.1.1. Google Link to Aurasma

1.1.2. iTunes Link to Aurasma

1.2. Google Classroom

1.2.1. iTunes Link to Google Classroom

1.2.2. Google Link to Google Classroom

1.3. Nearpod

1.3.1. iTunes Link to Nearpod

1.3.2. Google Link to Nearpod

1.4. Kahoot

1.4.1. Google Link to Kahoot

1.4.2. iTunes Link to Kahoot

2. Organization

2.1. Google Drive

2.1.1. iTunes Link to Google Drive

2.1.2. Google Link to Google Drive

2.2. Google Calendar

2.2.1. iTunes Link to Google Calendar

2.2.2. Google Link to Google Calendar

2.3. Google Sheets

2.3.1. Google Link to Google Sheets

2.3.2. iTunes Link to Google Sheets

2.4. DropBox

2.4.1. iTunes Link to Dropbox

2.4.2. Google Link to Dropbox

3. Collaboration

3.1. Google Hangouts

3.1.1. iTunes Link to Google Hangouts

3.1.2. Google Link to Google Hangouts

3.2. Google Slides

3.2.1. iTunes Link to Google Slides

3.2.2. Google Link to Google Slides

3.3. Google Docs

3.3.1. iTunes Link for Google Docs

3.3.2. Google Link for Google Docs

3.4. Twitter

3.4.1. iTunes Link for Twitter

3.4.2. Google Link for Twitter