Susannah Cahalan's Mum

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Susannah Cahalan's Mum by Mind Map: Susannah Cahalan's Mum

1. Protective

1.1. Cares for Susannah After Release

1.1.1. Has her stay with her after release to ensure she is in a safe place

1.2. Measures Meds for her

1.2.1. Susannah refuses to take them, causing further tension

1.3. Spends as much time at the hospital as possible

1.4. Is hesitant to let her say she's 100% better during appointments with neurologist

1.4.1. Isn't out of mistrust, but rather worry that she will say she's ready when she is not

1.4.2. Is very concentrated on making sure she's truly ready as opposed to rushing to get her home

2. Working Mother

2.1. Works in a law office, very busy

2.2. Not as much time for family as she wishes

2.3. Divorced, cannot be there whenever she wants

2.3.1. She can't rely on someone else to be working while she visits

3. Divorced from Susannah's father

3.1. First real interactions since divorce

3.2. Keeps a journal with Susannah's father about the time

3.2.1. The shared journal describes different treatments, diagnosis, medicines, and doctors.

3.3. Closer to Susannah than her father is initially

3.3.1. Afterwards she finds issue with connecting to her

3.3.2. Spends more time with Susannah than her father

4. Motherly, cares about her children

4.1. Has two main children

4.1.1. Susannah and her brother, both are close

4.2. Is best friends with her daughter before disease

4.3. Protective about her kids

4.3.1. Angry with others who ask if she'll ever "be the same"

4.3.2. Tries to keep her from being irresponsible

4.3.3. Regularly shows distaste with others' comments implying she'll be stuck this way

4.4. Cries in the hall after being told about the brain biopsy due to being scared for her

4.5. Is willing to pay for expensive procedures that she needs to be better

4.5.1. Steroids

4.5.2. White blood cell treatments

4.5.3. Brain Biopsy

5. Issues with connection after stay

5.1. Feels that Susannah is very different from before

5.2. Finds it difficult to stay connected

5.2.1. She finds the new Susannah harder to connect to

5.2.2. New Susannah isn't who she's familiar with

5.2.3. New Susannah feels compelled to rebel against her to show independence

5.3. Susannah feels she didn't care since she couldn't be there

5.3.1. Irrational, seeing as she couldn't be there due to work Her father, who could be there, had been recently laid off

6. Optimistic

6.1. Trusts all of the doctors initially

6.1.1. Only after "Bugsy" is off the case does she feel alone Trusted Bugsy because he was trustworthy and fatherly

6.1.2. Is impressed with Najar and compares him to Dr. House, a fictitious doctor who handles rare and mysterious cases

6.2. Always believes that Susannah will get better

6.2.1. Believes that she will be as well as she was before

6.2.2. Knows that she's still inside somewhere

6.3. Cares for her after release; attempts to make her comfortable as she recovers and tries to connect with her