french revolution

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french revolution by Mind Map: french revolution

1. Louis XVI

1.1. king of france

1.1.1. not non-ambious king

1.1.2. Tried to fix debt by taxing Nobles Forces to call Estates- General First time in 175 Years

1.1.3. Beheaded

1.2. wife marie antoinette

1.2.1. Daughter of Maria Theresa

1.2.2. madame deficient Hair never said, "Let them eat cake." clothes gambeling

1.2.3. beheaded

1.3. Old Regime Estates-General

1.3.1. 1st Estate Clergy of Roman Catholic Church Owned 10% of the land Exempt from Paying Taxes Provide education Took care of poor Against Enlightenment ideas

1.3.2. 2nd Estate Rich Nobles 25 of Population Owned 20% of the land 2% of the Population Against Enlightenment ideas

1.3.3. 3rd Esate Bourgeoisie middle class bankers, Factory Owners Merchants, professionals Skilled Artisans Well Educated Believed in Enlightenment Ideas Paid High taxes Workers of France poorest urdan workers low wage, frequently out of work Hungry, Might steal if cost of bread to high Peasants Largest Group 80% of Population paid 1/2 income Embraced enlightenment ideas No power to Influence government Resent 1st and 2nd class