The meaning of decolonization in the English Language

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The meaning of decolonization in the English Language by Mind Map: The meaning of decolonization in the English Language

1. Encouraging reading ignites imagination which frees the mind

2. English

2.1. Colonist Language, not indigenous language

2.2. Used as a literary and scholarly medium

2.3. We cannot exclude ourselves from the participation in the world.

3. Teaching

3.1. English has to be effectively taught with the correct tools

3.2. The function of language usage is communication

3.3. Learners should be given a great deal of exposure to the English language.

4. Decolonization

4.1. we need to teach things which are a gateway to what the majority should know

4.2. we need to prescribe more African Literature which is applicable to the African context

4.3. knowledge content has to be rewritten

4.3.1. In order to give power and credibility back to the previously colonized.

4.4. Education has to be emancipatory

5. Critiques

5.1. How can a colonist language be used to emancipate learners and improve the conditions of the colonized?

6. recommendations

6.1. It can be used to make the majority globally aware of issues

6.2. It has subversive potential

6.2.1. gives the opportunity to think, question and understand.

6.3. It is seen as a counter

6.3.1. by appropriating the colonist language you can fight back.