Mediated Learning Experience (MLE) in English

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Mediated Learning Experience (MLE) in English by Mind Map: Mediated Learning Experience (MLE) in English

1. Learning Experience

1.1. The role of the teacher changes from being a provider of knowledge;

1.1.1. mediator

1.1.2. facilitator

1.1.3. intellecutor

1.1.4. participant

1.2. Students are given agency

1.2.1. self regulated

1.2.2. independence

1.2.3. develop creativity

1.2.4. highly skilled

1.3. 'Through the other, do we become ourselves

1.3.1. first we learn together

1.3.2. then learning is internalized

1.3.3. from a social interaction to a psychological internalization

2. MLE in English

2.1. Assist learners to grasp language concepts

2.2. the teacher shares her understanding of the langauge/ literature content and its purpose

2.2.1. A working relationship is formed through reciprocity

2.3. the teacher does not dictate to the learners as to what they should do

2.3.1. rather intentions are made clear ahead of time

2.4. meaning of a concept is established by asking questions

2.4.1. personal relevance and interest to the subject is established

2.5. expanding on their understanding to evoke agency on the concept introduced

2.5.1. question them instead of telling them

2.5.2. encourage them to explain themselves

2.5.3. model problem solving

2.5.4. allow them to anticipate and search for grammatical rules

3. Outcomes

3.1. During MLE a higher mental process is used

3.2. the mediator makes the stimuli meaningful

3.2.1. instead of drilling the learners with language we teach them tools to construct sentences on their own

3.3. the mediator also stimulates the learner into thinking critically

3.3.1. learning is made applicable to other areas of life

4. Mediation

4.1. Act of obtaining new knowledge

4.2. Observing a particular situation

4.3. Bridging the gap between knowledge and the learner

4.4. The process of social interaction between the teacher and the learner in the enhancement of the students learning experience