Meiji Restoration

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Meiji Restoration by Mind Map: Meiji Restoration

1. Why possible

1.1. Less pressure from China and Ottomans

1.2. No big acts of violence

2. Goals

2.1. Save Japan form domination

2.2. Modernize with western ideas

3. Tasks

3.1. Missions to US and Europe to learn about the west

3.2. True Unity

3.2.1. Resulting in National Government Collection of taxes National Army

3.2.2. End of Semi-independent domains of daimyo

3.3. State guided industrialization

3.3.1. Set un enterprise sold to private investors Used own reasources Major exporter of Textiles and manufactured goods

3.3.2. Created info Structure Built railroads Postal System National currency National Banking

3.4. Dismantling of Confucian-based social order

3.4.1. All Japanese become legally equal

4. Social results

4.1. many peasants in poverty

4.1.1. Taxes to high

4.1.2. Low pay and terrible working conidtions

4.1.3. harsh opposition to unions and strikes