Design Elements

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Design Elements by Mind Map: Design Elements

1. Texture

1.1. Texture is the look or feel of an object

1.2. Each object has a texture like sandpaper is rough while marble is smooth

1.3. Texture comes in two forms; tactile is a texture you can touch and feel while visual texture is a texture you can see like in art

2. Shape

2.1. Anything that occupies positive and negative space

2.2. There are three different kinds; geometric, natural, and abstract

3. Space

3.1. The negative or positive area that an object occupies

3.2. White space, overlapping of objects, and the value of the object are part of space

4. Line

4.1. Path of a dot, point etc. through space

4.2. A line has length position and direction

4.3. We use lines in everyday life like in drawing or writing

5. Color

5.1. Color is used for symbolism like we think of blue as being the emotion for sad sad and red as angry

5.2. Attracts the eye and lets off visual stimuli for our eyes