Rape Culture

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Rape Culture by Mind Map: Rape Culture

1. Can also target men and LGBTQ people

2. The word 'rape' cannot be substituted for the word 'sex'

3. Attitudes that have normalized sexual assault

4. Ways in which society has blamed the victims

5. Is it possible to eliminate rape culture?

6. Teach men not to rape; instead of teaching women not to get raped

7. Sexually viewing women as objects

8. Developed Countries

8.1. Its the victim's fault

8.1.1. She was asking for it

8.1.2. She was drunk

8.2. The man made a mistake

8.2.1. Brock Turner

8.2.2. Justifying men who rape

8.3. More reported rape crimes

8.3.1. Less convictions

8.3.2. Very hard to prove in court

8.4. Its a part of the party culture

8.4.1. University students normalize it

8.5. White Supremacy

8.5.1. The wealthy & white will always get away with little to no punishment

9. Developing Countries

9.1. Its the victim's fault

9.1.1. She was dressed indecently

9.1.2. She was out late

9.1.3. She would have survived if she did not resist

9.1.4. She is immoral

9.1.5. She was at a bar/pub

9.1.6. Even politicians believe the victim is to blame

9.2. Guys cannot control desire

9.2.1. The girl should make sure she does not get raped

9.3. Candlelight Marches

9.3.1. No changes in the law

9.3.2. No positive outcomes

9.4. Protests for the death penalty for rapists

9.4.1. Rapists will potentially kill their victims

9.4.2. Even fewer victims will report rape due to fear

9.5. Severely under-reported

9.5.1. Up to 90% of victims do not report it

9.5.2. Stigma of being ostracized from society