Online Health Diagnosis

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Online Health Diagnosis by Mind Map: Online Health Diagnosis

1. Accessible sites

1.1. How easy accessible the information being provided

1.2. how updated is the information being provided.

1.3. Creditability of the website and information

1.4. Dr Google

2. Cons for being able to access medical information so easily

2.1. Incorrect Self-diagnosis

2.2. Incorrect information being provided

2.3. Problems that follow when seeing a doctor due to the information being provided.

2.4. Added cost for self-diagnosis

2.5. Understanding Health Issues and medical information

3. Pros for having easy access to information

3.1. How Often do people get sick

3.2. Providing another opinion

3.3. Accessible any time

3.4. Percentage that turn to online diagnosis

3.5. Popular trend

4. Afford ability

4.1. Cost for seeing a Dr

4.2. Average affordability for individuals

4.3. Professional advice and correct diagnosis

4.4. How long it takes to get into the Doctors.

5. Cybercondria

5.1. Issues that come from not being able to completely understand all information.

5.2. On going physical and mental concerns that can form.

5.3. Added affects that come from researching and self-diagnosis

5.4. Informed Chocies that come from self-diagnosis