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Slums by Mind Map: Slums

1. What is being done?

2. When can we start helping?

3. Where are slums?

3.1. Dharavi, India

3.1.1. The largest slum in the world

3.2. Caracas, Venezuela

3.2.1. The tallest slum in the world, people living in an unfinished skyscraper.

3.2.2. A good use of space not taking up as much space compared to other slums.

3.2.3. Built by David Brillembourg, a banker who wanted to construct a building to be called the Confianzas Tower. This action was held into a stop as Brillembourg passed away in 1993. The year after that, Venezuala experienced 'a financial crisis' as Munoz says, so the government took in control of the building for a decade until the poorest people from the neighborhoods sneaked in and

3.3. Nairobi, Kenya

3.4. Jakarta, Indonesia

3.5. Cape Town, South Africa

3.6. Brazil, South America

4. Why do slums exist?

4.1. Half of the world's population live in slums

5. How do they live?

5.1. There is no privacy because a whole family has to live in a one-room house.

5.2. Space used very well because they don't have much of it.

5.3. Their houses are so feeble that they are worried that their house washing away in a storm is one of their daily worries.

5.4. They are living in fear because some believe that violence is a way to find peace.

5.5. People have learned to share and be more caring towards other, whoever they are and treat them like family.

5.6. Dharavi may be heavenful for those who have stayed here for their whole life, but most don’t agree. Dharavi is so big that people new to this area would have a hard time finding a good job because they don’t have authority. This is an example of a very bitter person in the same city: Mr. Chandra is regretting that he studied so much for his bachelor degree, because even a well educated man would not get a good job and be treated fairly in Mumbai. He had to come to Mumbai because of hard situation. He came here hoping that he can get a job in the government, being a well educated man. Later he realised it was extremely difficult, almost impossible to get a job like that because you don’t know anybody, and you don’t have any authority. He desperately wants his family to be here with him but he his struggling to live with three others in one room, he cannot accomplish such a thing. “It is difficult for me to stay away from my kids, I cannot bear the suppression from my wife.”

6. Introduction

6.1. What is a slum?: