EVALUATION QUESTION 3: What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

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EVALUATION QUESTION 3: What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? by Mind Map: EVALUATION QUESTION 3:  What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

1. Previous Research

1.1. New Line Cinema is a common production company known for distributing popular thriller films.

1.2. This production company was bought by Warner Bros Studios but is kept separate from the conglomerate.

1.3. The two companies help each other to maximise the films profit and performance, and are merging with other smaller companies to increase its distribution for the film.

1.4. A smaller company from New Line Cinema is New Line Home Entertainment which is one of the biggest home distribution companies.

1.5. New Line Cinema have a huge fan base as they have distributed several successful thriller and action films. This is very useful for us to use as we don't have such a big fan base, however as we have a very low budget and are a new company with no previous successful films or franchises, the company are most likely to reject our film so we would have to find something smaller.

2. Distribution

2.1. After researching further into The New Line Cinema, I realised that our thriller film might not be able to be distribute by them. This is because they are a big company that now only support larger budgeted film, which gives them a larger more well known distribution with Warner Bros.

2.2. When looking into smaller independent film production companies, I found Haxan Film and Twisted Picture to be the most suited and reasonable to distribute my film. This is because they both produce Horror and Thriller films and contain similar target audiences. Hexane Films is best known for the classic Blair Witch Project which was known for its low budget and therefor small fan base but developed to a large one through the companies distribution. Although this is a horror, the company also produces low budget thrillers. As they primarily produce horrors it may work to our advantage as it shows there is a gap which they may be interested in filling with more thrillers. Whereas twisted pictures just produces horrors like the popular Saw franchise. Although this may have similar target audiences, the company primarily distributes horror film. In conclusion it may be better to be distributed by Haxan Films.

2.3. Other distribution companies I looked at was Warp Films. This production company is known for their independent work with unique, unpredictable films that opposes certain conventions of their genre. This meets the criteria of our film as we do oppose some convention whilst also keeping most to make it a successful film. The Film also produces lots of low budget thrillers which would be in our interest as our film is also a low budget psychological thriller.

3. Production

3.1. Many Distributors like Haxan Films or Warp Films are production companies and distributors. This means while helping and being involved in the production of the film, they will also distribute the film. By choosing Warp productions to produce our film I think the standard of our film would increase as they have a high quality standard of film that we would have to meet. The Production company prides itself on the uniqueness of their films and would possibly advertise our film in this unique way. Warp Films is based in UK, therefore it will be produced in UK, which is perfect as our film opening is.

4. Marketing

4.1. As the production company, 'Warp Films' is based in the UK, the marketing for the film will be UK based as our film is low budget, we could not afford to make this international.

4.2. Ways to market our film with the small budget we have would be on Social Media. This means creating teaser posters and trailers and spreading them through social media like Facebook or Youtube. Other ways could be constant update through Twitter as it will be aimed at our target audience and will show them how the film is developing hopefully generating excitement.

4.3. Other possible ways could be TV marketing with trailers in adverts for the film so a wider range of people can see it. However this will cost quite a lot of money, therefore it may not be possible.

5. Exhibition

5.1. If our film was distributed by big companies like New Line Cinema, it would be distributed through a number of ways, one of the biggest and most efficient and popular way is through cinema. This means a big premiere and regular showings of the film in thousands of cinemas across the country or possibly the world.

5.2. Was our film will be seen could be through a wide range of things. As we are not a high budgeted film, we may not be able to afford to exhibit our film in the cinema as our distributor may not be able to get that for us. In addition TV exposure may be too expensive for our low budget. However independent cinemas around London and other places may show our film a few times and if people like it keep showing it.

5.3. Other ways our film could be seen is through DVD or BLU-RAY which is popular enough for people to see it. However as DVD's are slowly dying out, Netflix and Amazon Prime and increasingly popular it may be in our interest to try and get it published on there. These medias have similar target audiences to us which may fit our film perfectly.

5.4. An interesting way our film could be an audience, is through film festival. these festival have a target audience specifically wanting to see films like ours. This is a cheap way to get a lot of fan base for our film and hopefully distribute it further after it hopefully would get good reviews.