Differentiated Instruction

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Differentiated Instruction by Mind Map: Differentiated Instruction

1. Many different types

2. Learning environment actively supports learners and learning

2.1. Inviting

2.2. Environment: has an impact on students' affective needs and that affect plays a role in cognition and learning

2.3. Curriculum

2.4. Instruction

3. Teachers actively attend to student differences.

3.1. Our experiences, culture, gender, genetics codes, and neurological writing all affect how and what we learn.

3.2. A single lesson plan will not work for every student.

4. The curriculum is organized to support learning.

4.1. Fashion curriculum around the essential knowledge, understanding, and skills of each subject.

5. Assessment and instruction are inseparable.

5.1. Provides teachers with day-to-day data on student readiness for ideas and skills, their interest, and their approaches to learning.

5.2. Assessment is today's means of understanding how to modify tomorrow's instruction.

6. Teacher and Students Collaborate in Learning

6.1. Students can be helpful in the classroom

6.2. Teacher is the leader and students are the workers

7. Modify content, process, and product based on student readiness, interests, and learning profile.

8. Teachers balances group and individual norms.