Drones in Education

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Drones in Education by Mind Map: Drones in Education

1. Science

1.1. Geo-physical Science

1.1.1. Use various cameras to survey land and crops.

1.1.2. Monitor drought stricken areas and icebergs to evaluate climate change

2. Technology

2.1. Design and print your own drone

2.2. Learn to code flight plans

3. Engineering

3.1. Design a system for delivering packages

3.2. Design a system to keep your drone afloat if it crashes over water

4. Art

4.1. 'Paint' by attaching a brush to your drone and painting on a large sheet on the floor or wall

5. Music

5.1. Create a soundtrack to accompany your drone footage

6. Math

6.1. Calculate the longest flight possible over a proposed flight path on a single battery

7. Social Studies

7.1. Debate the ethics of drone usage

8. Language Arts

8.1. Write about observing your world from a new perspective