Chapters 2 & 3

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Chapters 2 & 3 by Mind Map: Chapters 2 & 3

1. The Upper Class

1.1. 36% upper-middle & 26% truly upper class of sample

1.2. Able to financially afford multiple attempts without limitation

2. The Middle Class

2.1. 29% of the sample

2.2. Highly educated

2.3. Still financially have to draw on savings, sell jewelry & borrow money

3. The Lower Class

3.1. Only 11% of the total sample

3.2. Usually only able to IVF as a charity case or a fraction of the cost, and only one chance

4. Problems of Procreative Knowledge

4.1. Difference in Knowledge of human body & process

4.2. Goes with class constraints

5. Morality & Scientific Literacy

5.1. Unnatural for fetus' to be gestated outside of the body

5.2. Lack of knowledge holds back acceptance of new reproductive technology

6. Acquiring Scientific Literacy

6.1. Has helped to increase the knowledge which has helped Egyptian women accept morally

6.2. Has increased the number of IVF facilities

7. Paths To Knowledge

7.1. Lower Class=broadcast forms like soap operas

7.2. Middle to Upper-Class= physicians, broadcast media, TV, magazines, newspaper articles, & books