Literacy In Kindergarten

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Literacy In Kindergarten by Mind Map: Literacy In Kindergarten

1. Language and Literacy Development

1.1. All developmental domains have important roles.

1.2. Oral language is the foundation for literacy development

1.3. Literacy learning starts early and is ongoing throughout life.

1.4. Experience influence comprehension

2. Language and Literacy Standards

2.1. Highly integrated

2.2. Address standards incidentally throughout the entire day

2.3. Should have intimate knowledge of district kindergarten standards.

3. Balanced Curriculum

3.1. Diversify instruction for individual needs

3.2. active, consistent instruction.

3.3. Go beyond the acquisition of isolated skills. apply their learning

3.4. balance explicit instruction and informal, incidental learning

4. Assessment

4.1. Assessments that help examine and document children's abilities to engage in literacy tasks relative to local standards

4.2. You need multiple sources of information to help teachers determine how well each child is progressing

4.3. Link assessment with the scope and sequence of curriculum

5. Policy and Practice

5.1. Be sure there is a clear understanding of goals and standards

5.2. Establish a strong partnership with kindergarten teachers and primary grade teachers

5.3. consider need of full day vs. half day kindergarten

5.4. Increase attention to home school connections

5.5. Programs that are Developmentally appropriate

5.6. ongoing professional development