Role of different players in Bristol

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Role of different players in Bristol by Mind Map: Role of different players in Bristol

1. Housing Developers

1.1. Crest Nicholson

1.1.1. Spent £500 million on 660 luxury 1-3 bed apartments

1.1.2. Canon's Marsh

1.1.3. High EQ

1.1.4. Brings in highly skilled workers Businesses open Economic growth occurs Trickles into wider region

2. TNC's

2.1. Hi tech industry and retail

2.1.1. Attracted money into Bristol

2.2. Lloyds Bank Headquarters relocated in 1998

2.2.1. Spent money to improve the waterfront

2.3. Environmental & transport links have attracted investors

2.3.1. Stimulating growth

2.4. £500 million development of Cabot Circus

3. Working with others to attract investors

3.1. Place Branding

3.1.1. Influences economic growth by meeting conditions

3.1.2. Council developed a waterfront area with @Bristol

3.1.3. High EQ

3.2. Worked with others to build new attractions

3.2.1. Brings in new investors Promote Bristol

3.2.2. Gain international awards Money and investment floods in

3.3. Players usually work together (partnership schemes) to influence economic change

4. Enterprise zones set up by the Government

4.1. E.g. Temple Quay

4.2. Smaller scale community groups have tried to boost economic cahnge

4.2.1. Setting rules for investors

4.2.2. E.g. old Market Quarter

4.2.3. Lack of funding limits the success but gives locals the chance to shape where they live

5. Experiencing economic growth

5.1. Increase in shops and range of companies

5.2. Positive growth cycles are occuring

6. Bristol region is in the Southwest

6.1. Is a Travel to Work Area (TTWA)