What is Globalization?

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What is Globalization? by Mind Map: What is Globalization?

1. In a geographical context...

1.1. we talk about globalization - since people go from one place to another....we are all migrants - since >1900s - space and place reduced, relativity of space

1.2. Key words: global-local distances shrank, transportation (on foot, on animals, by boat, by train, by car, by airplane, by space shuttle)

2. In a historical context...

2.1. since 5000 BC - cross-cultural trade, technologies, mass migrations, world religions

2.2. global flows, movements, widening cooperation & spread of new technologies

3. In a cultural context...

3.1. 1) Cultural Differentialism (national, language, ethnic, political, religious) - lasting difference - "Clash of civilizations" - rivalry & conflict, natural fault lines

3.2. 2) Cultural Convergence - which brings along standardization & uniformization

4. In a political context...

4.1. leaking of state authority, downwards decentralization

4.2. leaking of state authority, upwards formation of international public sector

5. In history:

5.1. "Globalization is a long term historical process of growing worldwide interconnectedness"

6. In sociology:

6.1. "Globalization...refers both to the compression of the world and the intensification of consciousness of the world as a whole

7. Definitions

7.1. In economics:

7.1.1. "Economic globalization refres to the intensification and stfrecthing of economic connections across the globe."

8. Globalization is a large-scale integration process and used in many contexts, such as

9. In a economic context...

9.1. Transportation

9.2. Communication (being informed of other markets)

9.3. World product

9.4. Global production (supply-chains)

9.5. Global markets & TRADE

9.6. Global Marketing

9.7. Global demand (product & labor)

9.8. Global Capitalism (CAPITAL MOVEMENTS)

9.9. International lending (debt-problem)