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Landfarming by Mind Map: Landfarming

1. Definition

1.1. Landfarming(land treatment/ land application): An above ground remediation technology for soils.

1.2. Bioremediation technology: Natural proccesses that cleans up harmful chemical in the environment

1.3. Application: Involves spreading contaminated soils in a thin layer on the ground surface & stimulating aerobic microbial activity

2. Operation Principles( Depends on 4 parameters)

2.1. Soil characteristics

2.2. Constituent characteristic

2.3. Climatic conditions

2.4. Soils Texture

3. Advantages

3.1. Simple to design & implement

3.2. Short treatment period( 6-9 under optimal conditions)

3.3. Effective organic constituents with slow biodegradation rates

4. Disadvantanges

4.1. May not be effective for high constituents concentration of hydrocarbon(<50 000 ppm total petroleum hydrocarbon)

4.2. Requires a large land are for treatment

4.3. may require bottom liner if leaching from the landfarm is a concern

4.4. Dust & vapour generation

5. Microorganism

5.1. Heterotrophic

5.1.1. Obtain energy from oxidation of organic matter ( eg: organic Carbon)

5.2. Autotrophic

5.2.1. Obtain energy from oxidation of inorganic matter ( Eg: CO2, NH4, H+

5.3. Phototrophic

5.3.1. Obtain energy from sunlight

6. Biochemical Pathway (Oxidation of organic molecules inside the the cell)

6.1. Aerobic ( EMP pathways,TCA cycle,respiration)

6.2. Aneaerobic (EMP pathways)

6.3. Released energy as ATP molecules

6.4. excess food is stored as Glycogen

7. Biological Growth

7.1. Exponential

7.1.1. Monod kinetic

7.1.2. Holdane kinetics

7.2. 3 Application

7.2.1. Biological carbonaceous removal Aerobic Anaerobic

7.2.2. Nitrogen removal Nitrifiication Denitrification

7.2.3. Sulfide removal Anaerobic SO4 reduction Aerobic HS-

8. System Design( Land Construction )

8.1. Site preparetion

8.2. Liners

8.3. Leachate collection & tretment systems

8.4. Soil pretreatment method

8.5. Vapour treatment facilities