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Mythology by Mind Map: Mythology

1. Geography / nature

1.1. Icarian Sea and Island (Daedalus and Icarus)

1.2. 4 seasons based on Demeter and Persephone - Demeter upset when daughter goes to underworld to live with Hades, so everything dies (fall + winter), then she makes everything beautiful when Persephone comes back 6 months later (spring +summer)

1.3. Narcissus flower (daffodil) named after Narcissus

1.4. Ionian Sea named after little Io

1.5. Tantalus Mountains in Canada - Named because the peaks “look like people frozen at a dining table” - referring to Tantalus being frozen and not able to reach the food.

1.6. Jupiter (Zeus' Roman name) has a moon named Io - after the myth of Zeus turning her into a cow to disguise her from Hera.

2. Gods

2.1. Zeus - god of the sky

2.2. Hades - god of the underworld

2.3. Apollo - god of music, truth and light; had power of prophecy; his chariot brought up the sun each day

2.4. Poseidon - god of the sea

2.5. Ares - god of war and violence

2.6. Asopus - river god

2.7. Prometheus - god of the forge,

2.8. Hermes - messenger god; quickly moved between earth and world of gods

2.9. Hephaestus - god of sculptors, fire and volcanoes, could make humans, made Pandora (first human woman)

2.10. Jupiter (namedgod for Zeus)

3. Goddesses

3.1. Aphrodite - goddess of love, desire and beauty

3.2. Hera - goddess of marriage and childbirth

3.3. Hestia - goddess of the hearth, family and home life

3.4. Persephone - Queen of the Underworld (bound to underworld for 6 months each year b/c of eating pomegranate seeds)

3.5. Athena - goddess of reason, intelligence, arts and literature. Did not have a mother; was born fully grown by coming out of Zeus' forehead

3.6. Demeter - goddess of harvest, made crops grow, caused the 4 seasons

3.7. Artemis - goddess of nature, the moon, the hunt

4. Lessons

4.1. Know who you are making deals with before making the deal (Apollo and Cassandra)

4.2. Go for what you want! (Perseus and Medusa)

4.3. Do what you're going to say (Theseus and Minotaur) because Theseus didn't fly white sails and his dad killed himself.

4.4. You won't always have someone to guide or take care of you (Daedalus and Icarus)

4.5. Don't get too caught up in your own world (Echo Narcissus)

4.6. Listen to parents (Daedalus and Icarus)

4.7. Anything is possible (Perseus and Medusa)

4.8. Keep friends and family close to you (Perseus and Medusa)

4.9. Think before you do / know the outcome before acting (Odysseus and the Cyclops)

4.10. Don't give into too much curiosity (Pandora)

4.11. Taking chances and risks to protect or help (Perseus and Medusa)

4.12. Trust and follow instructions (Orpheus and Eurydice)

4.13. Some tasks are too hard/much (Daedalus and Icarus)

4.14. Be humble (Theseus and Minotaur) because Ariadne was too into herself and ended up being left behind.

4.15. Don't get a big head (Daedalus and Icarus)

4.16. Don't give into temptation (Persephone eating pomegranate seeds and being stuck in Hades' underworld)

4.17. Don't interrupt (Echo and Narcissus)

4.18. Look for a different angle/way to succeed (Perseus and Medusa)

4.19. Listen to others more than talk, talk, talk (Echo and Narcissus)

4.20. Sometimes parents need to let go (Daedalus and Icarus)

4.21. People that report wrongdoing should not be punished (The River Styx)

4.22. Don’t be afraid to tell the truth even if it upsets someone (the River Styx - Sisyphus)

4.23. Being GREEDY will end up badly for you (King Midas and turning everything to gold if he touched it. But then he couldn’t eat and he turned his daughter to gold)

4.24. Think outside the box (Perseus and Medusa)

4.25. No matter how hard life gets, there is always hope! (Pandora)

4.26. Cherish the time we get together, because it might pass and people we care about have to leave (Demeter and Persephone)

4.27. What goes around comes around - Polydectes wanting Perseus gone, but ended up being killed (Perseus and Medusa)

4.28. Don't take before asking (Odysseus and the Cyclops)

5. Connections

5.1. Aegean Sea (Theseus and the Minotaur)

5.2. Echo is our word for sound waves bouncing and returning. Based on Echo from myth.

5.3. Tantalize is our word for being close to reaching or getting something, but never able to. Comes from King Tantalus not being able to reach the apple. Always JUST out of reach

5.4. Elephant graveyard and 3 Hyenas in Lion King represent Hades' underworld and Cerberus

5.5. Cornucopia gets its meaning from Zeus breaking Amalthea's horn and blesses it to provide whatever she may desire.

5.6. Poseidon Seafood named after Poseidon (the god of the sea)

5.7. Medusa Cement company is named after Medusa, who turns you to stone.

5.8. Argus, the giant 100-eyed watchmen, was the inspiration for the Argus Security inc. used at the Apollo Theatre in New York, NY

6. Monsters

6.1. Cerberus - 3 headed dog guarding the underworld for Hades

6.2. Polyphemus - Cyclops, ate humans, had sheep, son of Poseidon (sea god). Blinded by Odysseus.

6.3. Argus - 100 eyed giant to watch Io

6.4. Hydra - 9 headed

6.5. Minotaur - head of a bull, body of a man. Lived in Minos' labyrinth and ate children from Athens. Killed by Theseus.

6.6. Charon - ferryman who took dead across the River Styx

6.7. Medusa - hair was snakes. If anyone looked at her, they turned to stone. Killed by Perseus.


7.1. Answer these questions correctly for your 3-number lock ...

7.2. 1. How many heads does Cerberus have?

7.3. 2. How many pomegranate seeds did Persephone eat? This determined how many months she lived in the Underworld and earth.

7.4. 3. In search of Medusa, Perseus encountered the "aged ones" and convinced them to reveal the snake-haired monster's location ... how many eyes did these women share?