The financial statements

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The financial statements by Mind Map: The financial statements

1. Finally the notes summarize the current accounting information of the company, this facilitates its understanding and its fast of understanding to be able to act according to the results obtained

2. Shows the financial changes of the company and its effect on accounts and accounting processes

3. Refers to the corporate part of the company summarize the accounting activity by periods

4. The income statements

4.1. determine

4.1.1. The current state of the company

4.1.2. The positive and negative states of the financial situation Depending on the results the company can detect possible threats or possible gains

4.1.3. Shows projection to the future changes that can present the company

5. The Balance

5.1. function

5.1.1. Show a balance between spending and production

5.1.2. Shows the productivity of the company Its objective is to keep the company balanced to avoid crises

5.1.3. Shows the different financial changes

6. Are the factors responsible for showing the financial status of a company

7. The statements of changes

8. The statements of cash

8.1. h

9. The financial notes