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Help % Children by Mind Map: Help % Children


1.1. Identify severity of the situation as fast as possible (how fast?)

1.1.1. See a full screening in one page to improve decision making quality and speed

1.1.2. See relevant information from other cases to gain deeper understanding of the current situation

1.1.3. History data to make better decisions (DS) - elaborate and be specific

1.2. Prevent child abuse from happening

1.2.1. Capture preventative services

1.2.2. Display history of services History of Involvement (HoL) card HoL to include preventative services

1.3. Reduce recurring abuse

1.3.1. Identify who is involved and who to talk to as fast as possible (define fast?)

1.3.2. Accurately and quickly find the right people and add them to the screening

1.3.3. Display history

1.3.4. Reduce data noise Improve search to reduce dupes

1.4. More timely response

1.4.1. Efficient referral creation

1.4.2. Flexible workflow

1.4.3. Complete referral on one page and save to legacy

1.4.4. Hol and Search to speed up decision-making

1.5. Handle more cases in shorter period of time (numbers?)

1.5.1. Capture screening data Ability to search for people as fast as possible

1.6. Improve decision making by 5(?) times


2.1. Work on the risky cases first

2.2. Get cases resolved in short period of time

2.3. Interfer with child abuse


4. Child

4.1. Protection from being abused

4.2. Save his/her life

4.3. Less child maltreatment in foster care (CFSR, PIP)

4.4. Less children with recurrent maltreatment w/in 12 months (CFSR)

5. Off-stage: CWDS, Leadership team? Government, Checks&Balances?

6. General public (reporters)

7. Child welfare (Government)

7.1. Predict child abuse locations and severity

7.2. Ability to measure progress and improvements

7.3. Reports