Planning a Career

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Planning a Career by Mind Map: Planning a Career

1. Planning Career innolves

1.1. Clearthinking

1.2. Long-term goals

1.3. Aspirations and goals

1.4. Potential occupations

1.5. Researching options

2. Practical Tips

2.1. Investigate career options

2.2. Use Personal development Plan (PDP)

2.3. Seek opportunities for possible occupations

2.4. Be proactive

3. Action Plan

3.1. Long- term goals and aspirations

3.1.1. Demonstrate good interaction with people in the workplace

3.2. Project forward an application for suitable job

3.3. Accumulate experience, skills and knowledge to enhance future prospects

3.4. study future modules to gain skills and knowledge

3.5. Opt for precise degree

3.6. Job placements, gain experience in field

4. Skills and Personal Qualities

4.1. Demonstrate your personal qualities to employers

4.2. Do some extra curricular activities, provide evidence

4.3. Provide references to support experience and qualities from reputable referees

4.4. Should contain specific tasks

4.5. Contact personnel