European Revolutions of 1848

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European Revolutions of 1848 by Mind Map: European Revolutions of 1848

1. French Revolution

1.1. challenged by increase in population

1.2. also faced nationalism and constitutionalism

1.2.1. new systems of government prevented social systems no social security to help poor

1.3. change in economy reduced employment

1.3.1. industrialization impacted everyone by negating skills

1.3.2. created slums and many people became poor

2. the springtime of peoples: France

2.1. challenge populist claims to political power

2.2. started due to poor living conditions

2.2.1. increase food prices

2.2.2. diseases

2.2.3. bad economy

2.2.4. poor harvest

2.3. resenting of authorities

2.3.1. those who suffer hate profitors

2.3.2. only 1/200 people could vote, wealthy men

2.4. banned political banquet

2.4.1. participants can challenge gov

2.4.2. banquet was a form of assembly

2.4.3. extreme individuals attacked soldiers

2.5. provisional government of a french republic

2.5.1. socialists delcared new gov

2.5.2. would provide work and recognize rights

3. unification of germany

3.1. March Demands

3.1.1. German citizens want freedom of press constiutional governance All German parliament

3.2. Change in Consitution

3.2.1. Federal Diet of the German Confederation declared revision of constitution of germany confederation needed

3.2.2. held a constitutional assembly

3.2.3. small fights led to nationalism polish and germans proclaimed brothers

4. Austrian Tensions

4.1. landlords and those who work for them

4.2. Diets and landlords

4.2.1. removal of robot obligations

4.3. issued an Imperial Patent

4.3.1. provided constitutional arrangements for the future gov

5. Italian Revolution

5.1. national uprising against Austria

5.1.1. led by king of Sardinia

5.1.2. republic proclaimed in 1849

5.2. the spread of nationalism

5.2.1. aided in unifying the people