My New Mind Map

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My New Mind Map by Mind Map: My New Mind Map

1. Client: Burger Wisconsin

1.1. Current market is "family Orientated"

1.1.1. Eithical

2. Target Audience: Anything that can feel emotions

2.1. Mostly aimed at but no excluded to: Teenagers, Young Adults, People going through a midlife crisis and animals

3. Market Proposition:

4. Desired Style: The Style planning to be used is a very approachable/lustful design

4.1. For Example: we want to create an environment that will make anyone feeling different emotions welcome, we will used colors that correspondent to a customers emotion(or lack of) to make him feel more comfortable with his purchase

5. Purpose: The purpose of this Burger is to change peoples negative emotions and convert them to positive motions. each ingredient caters to increasing the positive aspect of its respective negative emotion

6. asdasdasdasd