Rise of Christianity

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Rise of Christianity by Mind Map: Rise of Christianity

1. Christianity Spreads Through the Empire

1.1. Paul's Mission

1.1.1. Paul, an apostle, spent his life spreading and interpreting Jesus' teachings.

1.2. Jewish Rebellion

1.2.1. Jews rebelled against Rome in A.D. 66 and again in A.D. 132.

1.3. Persecution of the Christians

1.3.1. Christians refused to worship Roman Gods and because of that they were exiled, imprisoned, or executed.

2. A World of Religion

2.1. Christianity grew because: -embraced all people -gave hope to the powerless -offered a personal relationship with a loving God promised eternal life after death

2.2. Constantine Accepts Christianity

2.2.1. His troops were victorious in battle and he credited his success to the help of the Christian God.

2.3. Early Christian Church

2.3.1. Peter was the first pope of the Christian church.

2.4. A Single Voice

2.4.1. The New Testament contained 4 Gospels.

2.5. The Fathers of the Church

2.5.1. Augustine became the bishop of Hippo in North Africa. He wrote a famous book called The City of God.

3. The Life and Teachings of Jesus

3.1. Jesus of Nazareth

3.1.1. Jesus emphasized God's personal relationship to each human being.

3.2. A Growing Movement

3.2.1. He had apostles of 12 men that followed his teachings.

3.3. Jesus' Death

3.3.1. Pilate arrested Jesus and sentenced him to be crucified, or nailed to a large wooden cross to die.