Software Engineering

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Software Engineering by Mind Map: Software Engineering

1. Customized products

1.1. Software that is commissioned by a specific customer to meet their own needs.

2. software

2.1. Computer programs and associated documentation

3. software engineering

3.1. is an engineering discipline that is concerned with all aspects of software production.

4. Product specification

4.1. Generic products

4.1.1. Stand-alone systems that are marketed and sold to any customer who wishes to buy them.

4.2. Systems of systems

4.2.1. systems that are composed of a number of other software systems

4.3. Customized products

4.3.1. The specification of what the software should do is owned by the customer for the software

5. Software process activities

5.1. Software specification

5.1.1. where customers and engineers define the software

5.2. Software validation

5.2.1. where the software is checked to ensure that it is what the customer requires

5.3. Software evolution

5.3.1. where the software is modified to reflect changing customer and market requirements

6. Affect software

6.1. Heterogeneity

6.2. Business and social change

6.3. Security and trust

6.4. Scale

7. Application types

7.1. Stand-alone applications

7.2. Interactive transaction-based applications

7.3. Embedded control systems

7.4. Entertainment systems

7.5. Systems for modeling and simulation

7.6. Data collection systems

8. Web-based software engineering

8.1. complex distributed systems. The fundamental ideas of software engineering apply to web-based software in the same way that they apply to other types of software system

9. Web software engineering

9.1. Software reuse

9.2. Incremental and agile development

9.3. Service-oriented systems

9.4. Rich interfaces