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Religious Tolerance by Mind Map: Religious Tolerance
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Religious Tolerance

What is intolerance? What is tolerance?

Tolerance vs. intolerance is a matter of action not belief.

Understand that we have things in common.

Comments on religion

Have faith, the content is irrelevant.

Religions have nothing to do with God.

Are you open to other beliefs besides your own?

You don't need religion to have these capacities. One could say these feelings are not genuine if only done because of God's mandate.

Identifying yourself as a certain religion seems sensitive. I think we are too politically correct.

How many victimes will it take for us to realize that we automatically judge people? Our judgemental attitudes need to be examined first.

Thou shalt keep thy religion to thyself!!!

It is intolerant to force your beliefs on people.

The problem with problematic religious people is that they are close-minded.

You are your own God.

People are so passionate about their beliefs that they can momentarily forget what their religion is about.

What should religion be for?

To understand God

To support the practice of the values embedded in our faith and well-being as spritual entities.

Finding a meaning in life.

Instead of arguing, people should practice what they preach and help people.

To spread love and compassion in the world

What is religious tolerance?

Loving yourself and others


Loving everyone the same

Be considerate. Everyone has a choice.

Not dividing peoples

Being culturally aware.

Tolerance is not letting your opinions blind yourself.

Respecting other's beliefs.

What counts as acceptance?

I'm a strong atheist, but I know we can be close-minded and intolerant too. Make love, not war.

The bottom and only line is love. I think of loving the person even if they ahve different beliefs. It's not tolerance per say, it is love.

What do we need to become tolerant?


Is religious tolerance possible?

It is possible to accept and treat each other with respect while acknowledging and talking about our different beliefs.

Yes! There can be dialogue and tolerance but you need to respect other people's freedom.

Tolerance is possible, but it isn't lucrative; that's why no one wants it. $

Religion is tolerable if it tolerates democracy and stays out of politics, not imposing decisions upon people who don't believe what the decisions are based on. (God, afterlife, etc.)

When I think about what harm Christianity has done, I find it hard to believe in tolerance.

The Crusades? The Inquisition? Ireland? The Middle East? 9/11?


Thanks for all your ideas so far! Keep posting, thinking and discussing!

If you'd like: 1) More information on Campus for Christ UBC that hosted the Religious Tolerance talk 2) to discuss spirituality and Christianity in person 3) to give suggestions for this brainstorm. Email here:

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