you should not clone animals

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you should not clone animals by Mind Map: you should not clone animals

1. introduction

1.1. some people think they you should clone your pet after they pass away, so you can replace them with an animal that is similiar.

1.2. Have you ever had a pet that was like your best friend? A pet that did everything with you? And then passes away too soon?

1.3. You should not clone your pet. There is no guarentee that the clone will be the same as the pet you lost.

2. conclusion

2.1. Instead of cloning your beloved pet, go to your local animal shelter. There are many cats and dogs there that are ready to be owned. The are waiting fir their best friend.

2.1.1. Pets are not just genetics but experiences as well. Cloning is stressful for the surrogate mother. There are no guarentees with cloning. You should not clone your pet.

3. counter argument

3.1. cloning would save the death of your dogs life so do it

4. Even though you can spend a lot of money cloning your beloved pet, there is no guarentee

5. There are many pets that are waiting in shelters for homes, adopting is cheaper than cloning

6. Cloning an animal creates a false representation of what you once had

7. go to shelters were animals are looking for you

8. reason 1 > you should not clone your pets because you wanted scruff but its not scruff its nearly scruff but sinthetic

8.1. Scuff has already lived his life. Anew scruff wouldnt have the same memories.

9. reason 2 > the cost on cloning tens of thousands of dollars and when you can adopt another dog for free.

9.1. Cloning is thousands of dollars and there is no guarentee. There are thousands of dogs wanting a home at shelters and rescue groups.

10. reason 3 > the clone would not even have the same personality as scuff and that means you just got scam'd of a million dollars for a new dog

10.1. An animals disposition is not just made up of genetics, it is also made up of life experiences.