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B1and B2 by Mind Map: B1and B2
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B1and B2

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...

What do we measure?






How do we measure?

Using a pre-determined amount as a standard of measurement.

This pre-determined amount, called a unit,is then used as a reference against which all measurements are made.

The SI unit of Lenght


Sybol: m

What intruments do we use to measure lenght?

For measuring shot lenghts:Ruler

For measuring longer lenghts and surfaces that are curved:Measuring Tape.

What intruments do we use to measure lenght.

For measuring diameters of calipers.

-External calipers:Measure the external diameter of objects.

-Internal calipers:Measure the internal diameter.

Area:amount of space taken up by the surface of an object.


SI Unit:cubic metre

Cubic centimetres

The amount of space a substance occupies

The SI unit of Mass


Measurement we use a

Double beam balance

Electronic balance

The SI unit of Time



tells us how hot or cold it is

Common Unit:Degree Celsius

Instruments used:Thermometers


speed is the measurement of how fast someone or something moves.

speed depends on 2 quantities



SI unit of speed:Metre per second(m/s)

average speed

It is more useful to measure the average speed than the speed at a particular instand .

Average speed is the TOTAL DIASTANCE travelled divided by the TOTAL take.


Density od a substance is the mass of the substances per unit volume