High School Boys' Volleyball

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High School Boys' Volleyball by Mind Map: High School Boys' Volleyball

1. What (local) schools have men's volleyball team?

1.1. New Oxford

1.2. Central

1.3. Carlisle

1.4. http://www.maxpreps.com/state/boys-volleyball/pennsylvania.htm

2. How many people would be interested in volleyball?

2.1. How would I make people interested in volleyball?

2.2. How would we advertise volleyball

3. Would the administration allow a Men's volleyball?

4. Who would coach it?

4.1. How much would the coach get paid?

4.2. How would I find a coach?

5. Costs

5.1. How much would men's volleyball nets cost?

5.2. How much would uniforms cost?

6. uniforms

6.1. What would the design be?