Technology is not Killing our Friendships

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Technology is not Killing our Friendships by Mind Map: Technology is not Killing our Friendships

1. There are a lot of good social media apps, including Facebook. Friendships become even greater!

1.1. Paster Groeschel says, “We’re so thrilled about the YouVersion Bible app. We’re literally seeing thousands and thousands of Bible plans completed every single day—not just started but completed. And so it’s such a great day to be alive and to be able to stay connected with people. But we have to understand social media and technology can supplement our relationships, but they cannot replace them,”

2. Staying in contact is definantly important! Sure we may overdue it, but it is fun for kids! You get to share your feelings with another.

2.1. “There’s definitely a positive impact. Kids can stay in contact, which means they can share more of their feelings with each other,”Says Katie Davis, co-author of The App Generation - Scope pg 2

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3. Playing video games is good in friendships because people talk while playing games. Like take "Multiplayer Minecraft" for an example. You communicate about what you are doing! Social media is great for chatting too.

3.1. “It’s an easy way to keep up with friends,” said James Koepke, a student at Stephen F. Austin University in Nacogdoches, Texas. “I have friends going to Ole Miss, UT-Arlington, and the University of Houston. It’s hard for us to meet up. We play games together online. We’ll just chat and may not even play but just talk. We use games to stay in touch.”

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4. Counter Argument: "Technology is killing our friendship because we spend to much time on our computers, phones, etc.

4.1. Only one in four teenagers use social media, that is not bad! Infact social media is good because we cn communicate.

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