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Value by Mind Map: Value
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(response) .time

response time to a call to action or request for response, particularly if this is an expectation of the value network

Online Identity / Reputation Mgmt

Expertise Location / What is an Expert?

Measurement Methods

Early Efforts

Personal Equity




social trends

redefinition of wealth

Dimensions of Value


this time refers to abstract time, not time on task or effort strictly speaking - we are speaking of time in a more general sense than ordinarily done for salaried workers, and also in a 'thinner' sense, in that time may be tracked in parallel and separately from effort(time). the theory here is 'just showing up' creates the probability of value creation, aside from the actual value creation. Of course skilled time in context is even more probability, but this time is just the time portion. Concurrence(time) would be like a retail job, you are paid to be in a given place, just in case a customer walks in.


when more than one person is in the same space at the same time this increases the probability of value creation - if this is in context of a project and the people have been selected for relevance of their skills to the project (alignment) and fit with one another (teamability) this is even higher probability - concurrence deals solely with the 'thin' concept of identities being in the same space (physical or virtual) at the same time interval


identity does not refer strictly to a human person identity, but rather more abstractly to a time-wise persistent nameable entity/actor. for example a human person may project several personae but each persona may have a distinct identity and may be managed by the human person without a need to link back to the human person. On the other side several people together could form a stable identity (old school partnerships, corps) which is managed separately from the human persons involved.


authenticity is that the thing is itself, A is A, as validated by trusted identities. we speak here of objects not subjects, or in technical terms the relative inter-subjective assessment of an entity


Person to Person


Person to Project





the degree to which a project aligns with an individual determines the project's value to that person, and that person's value to that project - this also may be used to reward generalists





projects value predictability as it enhances planning and may determine whether a product is completed in time to be viable or to feed a dependent process, predictability is valuable to many enterprises thus things contributing to it must be valued (dims of predictability are important)



Dimensions of Reward

the notable absence of money is intentional - money implies a monetary system and our monetary system is a completely different game than value networks are playing, with different game tokens - the token for VN's is to be determined, and may amount simply to a set of metrics - how do we measure someone's worth today? how should we?



in the 'safety' sense of the word


while purpose is a motivator, is it a reward? do you get purpose from doing things, or do you do things because of purpose - this is an interesting one - has a relationship with alignment, but from the participant's perspective instead of the project's


could also be thought of as power



Value Exchange


Barter / Trade

Monetary Transactions


Value Networks


Discovery and Matching


location based

works well for unskilled, efficiencies of location (happen to be at the store anyhow, your house is on my way home, saves you time, which you pay me for)

competency based

interest based

Crystalization of Value


one can imagine, if money were removed and barter deemed inefficient, that simply consuming a chair would generate a trace that the consumer owes the world 'one chair's worth' and that the builder of the chair had done something valuable


highly inefficient but often the only way to deal with intangibles or non-tradeables


as one can see by inspecting the mind map, some things are both dimensions of value and reward, which means they can convert to other reward dimensions


most often to an abstract currency