Technology is building our friendships.

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Technology is building our friendships. by Mind Map: Technology is building our friendships.

1. CA: Cyber bulling and teasing can be fixed. You may wonder why phones ae banned at our school, its to help the cyber bulling problem and many schools have done the same even though you can be hurt by that it can easily be fixed and so people will think to make better decisions at home then causing happiness tht builds friendships.

2. 2.Helps you feel supported and happier to help you build a better relationship with people

3. 3.You can see someone's face that you haven't seen for a long time

3.1. "These platforoms help people stay connected like never before. You can keep up with your friend who moved to Texas... You can watch your baby cousin grow up via Instagram and stay up-to-date on hundreds of people at once,"( "Is Technology Killing Our Friendhsips?" 18)

4. you Can connect with friends

4.1. Tinder,, and other dating websites let you meet new people that you could potentially be with for the rest of your life, even social media like Snap chat, Instagram, and Facebook can let you meet new people through he discover button, you can also DM people and that helps you get in contact with new people.

4.1.1. "At one level, social networking has been a boon to offline friendships. Friends can stay in regular contact, share ideas, feelings, and experiences in real time without the barriers of distance or time that used to limit them," (Taylor).