Schools should not ban/ get rid of sports.

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Schools should not ban/ get rid of sports. by Mind Map: Schools should not ban/ get rid of sports.

1. R1: Higher test grades are happening because the kids want to stay in their sport so they can play witch leads to kids doing better.

1.1. “In addition, our own research has found that schools that offer more sports and field more successful teams produce higher test scores and graduation rates,” (Greene and Bowen).

2. R2: Athletes are learning good skills for life when they are older like how to win and lose.

2.1. “Young athletes develop skills that go beyond the ability to shoot a three-pointer or defend a goal. To be a good team player, you need to be reliable, hardworking, disciplined, and willing to share the glory. You need to be able to work as part of a team and be a gracious winner as well as a gracious loser.” (O’shei pg. 12)

3. R3: Kids who are in sports have a higher chance of succeeding in life because it helps them want to stay in school.

3.1. “students who participate in athletics tend to fare significantly better both in school and in later life.” (Greene and Bowen)

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5. counter argument: Schools should ban sports because it is a big financial deal and it takes most of the schools money. The money should be spent on books that will improve the students learning.