I believe photoshop should be banned.

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I believe photoshop should be banned. by Mind Map: I believe photoshop should be banned.

1. People say that is for advertising and is not intended to harm people, but advertiserers do not require photoshop, it is not a nessesity to use photoshop in ads, and if comes with these consiquences, it should not be worth to just advertise.

2. sets unrealistic body expectations

2.1. It is natural for us to believe what our eyes see, and if we find it attractive, we will have a desire to look like that.

3. ¨You´re supposed to be creating a magazine to help girls fell better about themselves. But when girls look at those perfect pictures, they feel worse.¨ - (Cora, Katie, and Isabella page 1)

4. Lowers self esteem

5. Affects Teens Girls

5.1. When teen girls look at photoshopped women, they feel that the characterics they see are the only things that categorize a woman as being beautiful. - VANESSA VAN PETTEN Photoshop: The Effect On Teen Girls and Why It Needs to be Banned

5.1.1. Society already pressures teens girls by making them feel like they are not pretty enough, but photoshopped picures can cause eating disorders such as anorexia, and can also cause self harmand suicide by making them feel imperfect and ugly.