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Stem Cells - E. Melamed by Mind Map: Stem Cells - E. Melamed
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Stem Cells - E. Melamed

Therapeutic strategies in PD




Cellular therapy

gene therapy


stem cells will become a common and successful therapy for neurological disorders

Question: when?

Why is it not happening yet?

Which stem cells?


cause teratomas

adult stem cells

from bone marrow

Multilineage differentiation

Aims, cell replacement, cell restoration, neurogenesis

How to use?, isolate mesenchymal cells, differentiate to dopamin producing neurons, convert to astrocytes, This was done, cells express astrocyte biomarkers, produce GDNF and BDNF, prevent further dopaminergic neuronal degeneration, slow down disease progression, induce axonal sprouting from surviving, Graft, transplant fully differentiated cells

Biomedical start up company, Petah Tikvah, autologous stemcell transplantation, safety data is gathered for ALS