Virtual Reality & Virtual Augmented Reality

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Virtual Reality & Virtual Augmented Reality by Mind Map: Virtual Reality & Virtual Augmented Reality

1. What is Virtual Reality?

1.1. "Virtual reality is an artificial environment that is created with software and presented to the user in such a way that the user suspends belief and accepts it as a real environment." (Rouse, M)

1.2. Just like Rouse said, Virtual Reality is removing all real life and completely putting you into another environment, place where EVERYTHING is virtual.

1.3. This is a type of Virtual Reality. You able to choose your avatar and live in this new place and do what you please. You are removing yourself from real life and going into a technology made world. A lot of video games are Virtual Reality stimulated. Examples are Wii, Sims, Grand Theft Auto, RuneScape, Etc.

1.4. As You See here the man who's playing a Virtual Reality Stimulated game is being put into a whole different environment. He is rock climbing and truly became involved in the virtual reality that in the game he had fallen so he fell in real life.


2.1. Pokemon Go is a Virtual Augmented App. You use your smart phone camera to view the Pokemon characters that are around your true reality. "Combining the addictive collecting and battling-ready gameplay of Nintendo's Pokemon with Niantic's augmented reality technology, Pokemon Go (Android, iOS) has taken the mobile gaming world by storm." (Corpuz, J. 2016) LINK TO APP:

2.2. Tutorial Video

2.3. The objective of the game is to catch all the Pokemon! You use the Poke-Ball and swipe up towards your potential Pokemon and capture it!

2.4. Pokemon Go uses GPS recognition to show you Stops known as Poke-Stops that you can go near-by to collect unique and useful supplies for the game. It also shows Pokemon that are near by that you are able to potentially catch.

2.4.1. GPS

2.5. I like Pokemon-Go it was the first of it's kind to bring Virtual Augmented Reality into the Smart Phone world. It allows you to walk around your neighborhood with friends and catch Pokemon. It was amazing to see Pokemon in motion on real life object like the frying pan photo attached above.

2.6. It was the first of it's kind so it had a lot of glitches, The app would freeze a lot because there servers couldn't keep up with demand. They also haven't really brought new fun features to the app. Instead it stays the same regardless of people suggestion of making it more multi-user friendly. Pokemon has removed Tracking features to help seek Pokemon and it is now considered luck if you run into any rare Pokemon.

2.7. Pokemon Go was a craze. It had everyone's attention is said now that this is the new way for AR games on smart phones. But it can be improved. It is not but a passing fad. I think it would be great to re-add a tracking feature so you aren't in limbo when in hopes to finding a Charizard. But also bring users into the game. Poke stops had 50-100 people around just collecting poke-balls or hoping for Pokemon to pop up. Let the users interact with each other. Let them battle their Pokemon! Bring us together in this augmented reality.

2.8. The future of this app is based on the updates. If it can keep up with the demands that it takes to hold a huge targets audiences attentions than Pokemon Go can continue! But if it lacks interest and continues to get repetitive people move on. There is always the next new thing that people want to try.

2.9. I am not sure if I would recommend the game at this point in time as I'm lost in interest in this game as of now.

2.10. Pokemon Go has made its footprint in the AR world. But it has improvements needed and before I could recommend it to a friend I do need them to come out with some new ideas! If Interested Download Here:

3. What is Virtual Augmented Reality?

3.1. Virtual Augmented Reality is using Technology to enhance reality. For Example, "in real life, the woman is holding what appears to be a simple box of LEGOs. But when seen through an AR viewer, the box comes to life, serving as a platform for a beautiful carousel. It's not that you're imagining things — AR uses computer animation to bring objects to life" (Drell. L, 2012). What Drell is saying is that we have created a sort of lens that can slightly distort real life objects into anything imaginable, But still keep us in the same reality that is true.

3.2. This Commercial is from IKEA. IKEA has made a new app for customers to view potential purchases before buying them. They have made a AR kind of App. You can see any kind of space in your house through your smart device's camera and place IKEA furniture to see if it fits, or if you like it to be places there. It's taking non-reality object into real life.

3.3. This baby is seeing AR being used in a PlayStation 4 feature. The baby can see herself and her real life room and family. But the Reality is Augmented because there are little robots in the room that can only be seen when looking at the Tv that is connected to the PS4.

4. Creativity

4.1. I tried a new layout in MindMesister. I still haven't covered all the features that this software has to offer. So i decided to try it again and learn a little further. I now know how to choose layout and change themes.

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