Spring Cleaning my house

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Spring Cleaning my house by Mind Map: Spring Cleaning my house

1. De-clutter each room

1.1. Go through each room and put things in piles you know you want to keep and then donation pile.

1.2. If you have things in boxes you have not used in a year see if you really need to keep it.

1.3. Have everyone in the family go through their items and make piles of keep and give away.

2. Calling a donation pick up will give me a deadline to get things ready by.

2.1. Try to have a room a day done.

2.2. Have a reminder set on my phone of 48 hours before donations are due to remind myself.

2.3. Have bags labeled and ready to set out so you are not likely to forget on.

3. Have a written plan to make goals each day.

3.1. Put plan up on the fridge or somewhere it is easily seen and check off each goal you finish.

3.2. Make smaller goals for the kids and let them check off their own goals when reached.

3.3. When everyone reaches their goals have an ice cream or pizza celebration.

4. Have a cleaning schedule do not try to get it all in one day

4.1. Plan a cleaning schedule for everyone for 3-4 days. Make easy goals to achieve.

4.2. Have everyone help in different areas so you are not stepping on each others toes

5. Go through old documents that are 5+ years and organize the filing cabinet

5.1. Have spouse (SO) go through own paperwork. They know what they need to get rid of.

5.1.1. Remind (SO) to go through their papers and not just sit in the middle of the floor

5.2. Shred any papers that have personal information. File all papers that we want to keep.

6. Go through all kitchen draws including kitchen junk draw!

6.1. Get rid of any kitchen utensil that you do not use or that is broken.

6.1.1. Make a list to replace old utensils

6.2. Get a label maker and label everyones cell phone cords and other electronics so they are organized.

6.3. Tools that belong in the garage go back to the garage.

7. Clean out pantry and Fridge

7.1. Clean out fridge of old food and clean off shelving and draws

7.2. Clean all of pantry if there is food out of date throw away. Donate can goods and dry goods that family does not like or eat.