TRASH: Novel by ANDY MULLIGAN {Character Links}

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TRASH: Novel by ANDY MULLIGAN {Character Links} by Mind Map: TRASH: Novel by ANDY MULLIGAN {Character Links}

1. Raphael, Protagonist

1.1. A fourteen year old dumpsite boy living in Behala

1.2. Is on an adventure with Gardo and Rat to discover the secrets behind the Jose Angelico investigation

1.3. Finds the bag in the trash which leads the boys onto the mystery

1.4. Finds Pia-Dante

1.5. Best friends with Gardo

1.6. Visits Zapanta's house with Rat

2. Rat, Protagonist

2.1. (Jun-Jun)

2.2. A small boy living in Behala Dumpsite surrounded by rats

2.3. Is on an adventure with Gardo and Raphael to discover the secrets behind the Jose Angelico investigation

2.4. Visits Zapanta's house with Raphael

2.5. Finds Pia-Dante

2.6. Relies on the mission school's safe to save up

2.7. Receives money and food from Father and Sister

3. Senator Zapanta

3.1. A corrupt Politician who has scammed his country millions to become richer. He was the victim of Jose's scheme, sending the police on a search for 'his' hidden cash.

3.2. Had Jose Angelico working for him as a houseboy

3.3. Employed Grace as a maid

3.4. Sued Gabriel for accusing him of stealing money

4. Pia Dante

4.1. Found by Rat, Gardo and Raphael at the cemetery, Pia-Dante joins the boys as their adventure comes to an end.

4.2. Daughter of Jose

5. Marco

5.1. Guard at Colva Prison

5.2. Makes a deal with Gardo about Gabriel's Bible then sets him up

6. Sister Olivia

6.1. Grace is a British Volunteer at Behala Mission School

6.2. She is generous to Rat, saving him from hunger and providing money when he comes to the school

6.3. She took Gardo on a clothes shopping trip before they went to Colva prison to see Gabriel Olondriz

6.4. Works with Father Julliard

7. Father Julliard

7.1. Father works at Behala Mission school and 'is the one pulling these accounts together'

7.2. Is kind and generous to Rat providing him with a little money and food now and then

7.3. Works with Sister Olivia

7.4. Allows Rat, Gardo and Raphael to use digital resources

8. Jose Angelico

8.1. Is the centre of the investigation, as he stole six million dollars from the Senator. Rat, Gardo and Raphael are on the journey to locate the money and complete Jose's task.

8.2. Adopted grandson of Gabriel Olondriz

8.3. Houseboy to Senator Zapanta

8.4. Father of Pia-Dante

8.5. Adopted son of Dante Jerome

8.6. Worked with Grace

9. Dante Jerome

9.1. Adopted father of Jose

9.2. Son of Gabriel Olondriz

10. Grace

10.1. Grace was a maid to Senator Zapanta and worked alongside Jose Angelico

10.2. She believed that Jose wouldn't do anything like stealing or robbing

11. Gabriel Olondriz

11.1. Adopted grandfather of Jose

11.2. Father of Dante Jerome

11.3. Asked to look after Pia Dante by Jose Anglico

11.4. Imprisoned by Senator Zapanta for accusing him of stealing money from the nation

11.5. Gardo and Sister Olivia come to visit him in Colva Prison and try to crack the codes and messages they found.

11.6. Asked Marco to give the Bible to Gardo