genetic engineering

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genetic engineering by Mind Map: genetic engineering

1. genetics

1.1. identify which features of an organism are inherited

2. genes

2.1. basic units of inheritance

2.2. person's appearance, abilities, health and behaviour

3. DNA

3.1. carries all genetic information

3.2. operating an organism

4. chromosomes

4.1. core of cellular structures

5. genetic code

5.1. translate information in the DNA into protein

6. protein

6.1. protein is translated from the DNA

7. steam cell research

7.1. stem cells

7.1.1. have the capability to develop into any kind of cell

7.1.2. reproduce themselves many times

7.1.3. researchers prefer pluripotent embryonic stem cells

7.1.4. found in embryo

8. cloning

8.1. the process of producing genetically identical cells and organisms

9. therapeutic cloning

9.1. aims to manipulate stem cells to develop into tissues or whole organs

9.2. in this process an embryo will be destroyed

10. reproductive cloning

10.1. a cloned embryo would be transplanted into a uterus for development and natural birth