Professional development - integrating ICT into Achievement for All

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Professional development - integrating ICT into Achievement for All by Mind Map: Professional development - integrating ICT into Achievement for All

1. Search Apple apps for possible support software - Occupational Health Services in Ontario (Canada) have been developing materials to support chilkdren with fine motor development

2. Enabling access to materials and information for parents

3. On going online communication with parents following the structured conversations

3.1. texting

3.2. email

3.3. learning platforms

3.4. regular ongoing POSITIVE messages

3.5. parnets emailing schools examples of successes at home & responding to developments in their action plans

4. Teacher needs

4.1. Skills vs use in context

4.2. Classroom implementation

4.2.1. Being relaxed to be able to use and allow the use of technology

4.3. Effective CPD

5. Enhancing learning and teaching by working with Web 2.0 tools

5.1. Collaborative writing e.g. Google docs, PrimaryPad

5.2. Animation software e.g. GoAnimate

5.3. Comic characters and storyboards e.g. ToonDoo, Pixton

5.4. Collaborating on whole class projects e.g.Voicethread

5.5. 3D modelling e.g. Sketchup

5.6. Broader skill development

5.6.1. Creativity

5.6.2. Collaboration

5.6.3. Motivation

5.6.4. Reflection

5.6.5. Visualisation

5.6.6. Interaction

5.6.7. Co-construction of knowledge

6. Visual Learning - the tools and the processes

6.1. Seeing the meaning: a resource for visual learning

7. Gaining insights into learning using concept mapping

8. Professional development issues

8.1. Individual needs

8.2. Technical issues

8.2.1. Technical needs Technical support Program integration Hands-on practice

8.3. Teacher collaboration

8.3.1. Collaborative needs Sharing ideas MirandaNet Case Studies Professional support Resources

8.4. Professional recognition

8.5. New node

8.6. Professional development: entitlement

8.7. Resource development

8.8. Free technologies

9. Technology-enhanced learning

9.1. using technology to improve access to education where it is appropriate

9.2. Teachers to be relaxed to allow pupils to use the appropriate technology

10. Access, Achievement, Aspiration

11. Achievement

12. Access

12.1. Using assistive technology to support learning

12.1.1. Effective ues of software such as Premier to go - speaking word processor at it basic - giving simplified access to word rich doccuments via sumarising

12.1.2. using ipads to develop fine motor skills

13. Access

14. Leon Cych suggestions Learn4life

15. TeachMeets: Meetings where teachers talk to each other

15.1. The value of teachers talking about new technologies and the new pedagogies they prmote

16. Oldham experience

16.1. Importance to develop a mode of relaxation

17. Vital in its second phase of funding

17.1. CMALT

18. Molenet

19. Lawrence Williams

20. Teachers journals and notes, blogs for sharing

21. Ambleside School website: