Impact and practice - focus on parental engagement in Achievement for All contexts

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Impact and practice - focus on parental engagement in Achievement for All contexts by Mind Map: Impact and practice - focus on parental engagement in Achievement for All contexts

1. The children in the programme have a higher profile and more sense of self worth.

2. Asking the pupils and parents what they want after school can be revealing

2.1. Targets can be very helpful

3. Parental engagement

3.1. Positive links

3.1.1. Fathers have felt more positive about school and link more

3.1.2. parents are observing classes and commenting and understanding particularly those from other countries

3.2. Regular contact

3.2.1. Reducing the level of buracracy in a single statement cut down on anxious parents contacting the school

3.3. Access through ICT, e.g. email, VLE

3.3.1. One school only now uses the structured conversation only as a means of understanding what will motivate pupils

3.4. Questions

3.4.1. How would you use AFA to enhance parental involvement in your school?

3.4.2. What influence do your parent meetings have on achievement?

3.4.3. How involved are parents in setting and reviewing children's learning targets?

3.4.4. What would you need to stop doing to enable you to introduce structured conversations?

3.4.5. How can your school develop wider opportunities for children to enhance their life chances

3.4.6. How do we build on the early success of engaging parents through Structured Converstaion?

3.4.7. How do we change the culture in some schools, so that all staff see themselves as responsible for SEND pupils?

3.4.8. How do we ensure that participation in extra-curricular activities for SEND pupils get back into he classroom, with raised attainment?

3.4.9. How will we support senior leaders to use AFA framework to improve access and aspiration for all pupils?

3.4.10. Can we have more detailed information about how the structured conversation works?

3.4.11. How does AFA help looked after children and the children of single parents

4. Achievement, Access and Aspiration

5. Enhancing life chances

5.1. The structured conversation is in many adapt the formula to what the children and the pupils need.

5.2. Parents listen to the teachers more

6. Making digital technologies work for teachers, parents and children

7. Structured interviews All the professionals engaged with the child will be engaged in the planning of the structured conversation but the conversation is an informal occasion when the parents and the pupils can manage the agenda. The aim is to find ways in which the pupils can be motivated.

8. Leadership

8.1. Vision and commitment is vital