JOCC Mind Map

A mind map of what we're thinking.

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JOCC Mind Map by Mind Map: JOCC Mind Map

1. Future Directions

1.1. How can other people be involved?

1.1.1. Have events where we have motivational speakers talk (think SMS).

1.1.2. Have JOCC as a larger organization

1.1.3. Allow/seek outside contributions. Four people cannot run alone a noteworthy, content-heavy blog. @crisanto

1.2. How to build an army of followers? (The Art of Non Conformity)

1.2.1. Invite others to the Facebook Fan Page

2. Tools

2.1. Blog

2.1.1. Do we need a logo for JOCC? Yes. But perhaps build on that later icon when content picks up first. Maybe after 5 good articles and 1000 views? @crisanto

2.1.2. We should link our twitter account so it shows on the homepage.

2.1.3. Should we have a custom design for our blog? Yes. Suggest "jock"/athlete sports image with "twist." Along the lines of "Art of Manliness" banner, but more vintage. @crisanto

2.2. Twitter

2.2.1. Post about interesting articles/books/ideas/people/quotes/etc.that we find--something people can find value in.

2.2.2. Follow people that we think would be interested in what we have to say.

2.3. Facebook Fan Page

2.3.1. Post tweets here--our twitter account is linked to this. Make sure it is under 160 characters though.

2.3.2. Invite friends to be a fan of our page -- people we think that would be interested in what we have to say

2.3.3. When we post something we should share it on our status!

2.4. Gmail

2.5. mindmeister

2.5.1. What do you guys think of this? VERY COOL TOOL but perhaps only necessary for brainstorm-heavy tasks (such as blog content and outreach methods). I think the communication needs to centralize on gmail chains and phone calls. Otherwise, communication becomes too convoluted. @crisanto

2.6. Other JOCC like Blogs

2.6.1. The Art of Non Conformity

2.6.2. The Art of Manliness


2.6.4. Lifehacker

3. Core

3.1. What is a JOCC? What does it mean to be a JOCC?

3.1.1. A JOCC's biggest enemy is himself/herself.

3.1.2. What does a JOCC do? the impossible. List examples of the impossible, plx. Like...cite other success stories of people we consider to be JOCCy.

3.1.3. What does a JOCC believe in? A JOCC believes in constant growth-he/she believes in kaizen. A JOCC believes the purpose of his/her life is ultimately to SERVE others (and so: every action is done with servant-like(??) intentions).

4. Blog Posts - Individual

4.1. Julian

4.1.1. EveryDay Is a Lifetime

4.1.2. (Evolution 2.0) Your 2.0 - Becoming a More Superior Version of Yourself

4.1.3. Selfless Living - Taking Yourself Out of the Equation

4.2. Oliver

4.2.1. Expanding the comfort zone to outerspace!

4.2.2. Our beliefs are the pillars which hold up everything we hope to accomplish

4.2.3. Why do our thoughts sound louder than our voices?

4.3. Chris

4.3.1. Party Hard Now Work Hard Later?

4.3.2. Aim to be More Efficient

4.3.3. Progressive vs. Productive

4.3.4. Tangential stuff you do on the side (Need better title)

4.4. Crisanto

4.4.1. Psychology 101

4.4.2. Sometimes Good Fortune Finds You

5. Blog Posts - Group

5.1. What is a JOCC?

5.1.1. Mention that JOCC is not only an acronym for the members -- it is a type of person.

5.1.2. General Definition of a JOCC: "A person that practices 'kaizen' in order to best serve others."

5.2. What is your JOCCupation?

5.2.1. JOCC of all trades...

5.2.2. For this article, I suggest defining tips for doing so (setting goals, exploring occupations, etc). Again, we can't just pose a question and not answer it... @crisanto

6. How will we make our Blog Awesome to read?

6.1. By interviewing other remarkable people

6.2. By continually adding content to our site that willl make it exciting for users to read

6.2.1. To create a lot of content we must be facilitators of our own JOCCness

6.3. We should also focus on posting related topics at a time such as having a blog series.