Staff and Staff Development: Gregory and Salmon Model

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Staff and Staff Development: Gregory and Salmon Model by Mind Map: Staff and Staff Development: Gregory and Salmon Model

1. Data Analytics

2. Technology

2.1. Staff workload

2.2. Resistance to implementation in tertiary education

2.3. Time to "up-skill" technological capacity

3. Institutional Vision

3.1. Management needs to push and support eLearning

3.2. Positive relationship between job satisfaction in institutional commitment

3.2.1. Higher training, more commitment

3.2.2. Instructor/facilitator buy in

3.2.3. Ability to provide feedback

3.3. Staff empowerment

3.4. Align business objectives to track performance and profitability

3.5. Kotter's Change Model pg. 13

3.6. Employ more VLE pg. 63

4. Challenges

4.1. Employee and management resistance

4.2. Cost

4.3. Inconsistent evaluation methods

4.4. Intellectual property laws

4.5. Academic workload

4.6. Technological capacity

4.6.1. Added additional technical training

5. Implementation

5.1. Quality Assurance

5.1.1. Evaluation tools Focused conversation post course with mentors and participants workload and attrition visuals and e-tivities design

5.1.2. Balance of quality and growth

5.1.3. Bloom's Taxonomy for instructional design All three levels Affective Psychomotor Cognitive Created a community of practice Keep intact for scaling up

5.1.4. Pre-tested Course

5.1.5. ADDIE Model

5.2. Learner Support

5.2.1. E-moderation Reduction in workload New e-tivities Clarifying technical and language issues Introduce new technologies in real time

5.2.2. Shadowing Mentor/Mentee Relationship Weekly Meetings to discuss issues Role reversal email review for in-course work Self-perpetuating to scale up

5.3. Principles

5.3.1. Contextualize

5.3.2. Cascade the word Recomend to staff

5.3.3. Apprenticeship

5.3.4. Adapt Low cost Time Resources

6. Umbrella of Staff Support for Development pg.1

6.1. Effective Support

6.2. Ownership

6.3. Express and test material

7. Professor Gilly Salmon

8. Janet Gregory, PhD