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Genetics by Mind Map: Genetics

1. Genotype (Genetic Traits)

1.1. Carrier

2. Phenotype (Observed Traits)

2.1. Expression of Genes

2.2. Additive Gene

3. DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid)

3.1. RNA

3.2. Chromosome

3.2.1. Gamete Synthesized halves of chromosomes for reproduction Males: XY Females: XX At conceptions, there are 6 males to every 5 females

3.2.2. Carry code to make an organism; 23 Pairs in Humans

4. Genes

4.1. Allele

4.1.1. Polymorphic An allele with multiple forms

4.1.2. Any possible form of a gene

4.2. Genome

4.2.1. All the genes that constitute a human a human 20,000-23,000 different Genes

4.3. Dominant-Recessive Pattern

4.3.1. Dominant Genes expressed

4.3.2. Recessive Genes not expressed

5. Twins

5.1. Monozygotic (Identical)

5.1.1. Develop from the same zygote

5.2. Dizygotic (Fraternal)

5.2.1. Develop from two separate zygotes