How do we communicate?

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How do we communicate? by Mind Map: How do we communicate?

1. Social Studies

1.1. How do we communicate appreciation and respect of multiple perspectives, including but not limited to the Indigenous perspective?

1.1.1. Demonstrate a global consciousness with respect to humanity and world issues.

1.1.2. Communicate ideas and information in an informed, organized and persuasive manner.

1.2. How does a community share the needs of their people?

1.2.1. How do communities share their culture with others? (ie. oral and written stories, etc.) Appreciate how stories and events of the past connect their families and communities to the present.

1.2.2. Become an active citizen of Calgary and tell their story

2. Language Arts

2.1. Journaling/ sketching.

2.2. Story writing and/or letter writing.

2.3. Oral story telling.

2.3.1. Relating texts to culture and communication: talk about other times, places and people after exploring oral, print and other media texts from various communities.

2.4. Experiment with language.

2.5. Relate aspects of stories and characters to personal feelings and experiences.

2.6. How do we use language to show respect?

3. Science

3.1. Using our senses to describe and observe.

3.2. How do structures and buildings communicate their purpose?

3.2.1. Evolution of architecture over time.

3.3. How do we communicate the effects of weather in our lives?

3.3.1. Describe seasonal changes, and interpret the effects of seasonal changes on living things.

3.4. Ask questions that lead to exploration and investigation.

4. Math

4.1. How can we communicate our mathematical understanding?

4.1.1. Communicate and collaborate to reason through mathematical investigations.

4.2. How do we use numbers, shapes, and patterns to communicate?

4.2.1. Sorting objects and information in the world around us. 2-D and 3-D shapes around us. How do symbols around me communicate meaning?

4.2.2. Looking for patters in structures and gardens.

5. Fine Arts

5.1. Purpose and function of public art in our community.

5.2. Sketching with intention.

5.3. Techniques of artists.

5.4. Communicating thoughts and feelings through artistic expression and colour.

6. Health

6.1. Communicating using the Circle of Courage.

6.2. How do we/can we express my feelings?

6.3. How can we care for our community and world?

6.4. How can we be good partners/citizens?

7. Technology

7.1. How do I communicate with technology?

7.2. How do social media help me effectively communicate?

7.3. Digital Citizenship

8. Competencies

8.1. Collaboration

8.2. Critical Thinking

8.3. Problem Solving

8.4. Managing Information

8.5. Creativity and Innovation

8.6. Cultural and Global Citizenship

8.7. Personal Growth and Well Being

8.8. Communication

8.9. Student Voice

9. Student Voice

10. Connecting with Experts

10.1. Architects

10.2. Meterologists

10.3. Elders

10.3.1. FNMI Area I resource

10.4. Artists

10.4.1. Artist in residence

10.5. Authors

10.6. Musicians

10.7. Wildlife specialists

10.8. Historians

10.8.1. Glenbow archives