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Challenges for students with vision impairments by Mind Map: Challenges for students with vision impairments
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Challenges for students with vision impairments

Negative perception of people with low vision


Charity case

Not capable

Teacher treats me differently

I'm not fragile!


Teacher doesn't understand technologies that help

Can't afford aids at home

Activities take longer

Reading aids slow me down

Braille helps but my teacher is not trained


I can't get the books I want

CCTV/readers take too long

Extra help needed with DVDs

I always have to wait for class readers


Treated differently

Classmates think I'm different

A human right!


I want to do everything everyone in my class does

I love working with my friends in class but they are in different groups

I like playing sport but sometimes it is hard to orientate myself


No one else understands

No other students in school with low vision

Need role models

Feelings of isolation

I can achieve anything!

I don't want an aide to help me in class

I can do it on my own

I can be a superstar at sport!

I can do things independently

How can my teacher help?

Help eliminate peer prejudices

Encourage positive social interactions

Appropriate time allowances

Cater to different learning styles

Undergo training in assistive technologies

Have belief in my capabilities

Listen to my views


People sometimes tease me

Not chosen in competitive sport

People leave me out of playtime