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take by Mind Map: take

1. take off

1.1. to remove

1.1.1. he took his shoes off

1.1.2. his name was taken off the list

1.2. to leave

1.2.1. the plane took off an hour ago

1.2.2. when he saw me, he took off the opposite direction

1.3. to become successful

1.3.1. the newspaper has really taken off after just two months

2. take on

2.1. to employ

2.1.1. she was taken on as a trainee

2.2. to fight against someone

2.2.1. the rebels took on the roman army

2.3. to have a particular quality

2.3.1. The chameleon can take on the colours of its background

3. take out

3.1. to kill or destroy

3.1.1. the soilders took out all the enemies

3.2. to start legal action against somebody

3.2.1. The police have taken out a summons against the driver of the car.

4. take over

4.1. to get control of something

4.1.1. the oldest son will take over the family business

5. take up

5.1. to begin doing an activity

5.1.1. he started jogging every morning

5.2. to use an amount of time and place

5.2.1. the bed take up almost the bedroom

6. take after

6.1. to resemble

6.1.1. she takes after her father

7. take away

7.1. to remove

7.1.1. the policeman took away his licence

7.2. to take someone to prison

7.2.1. the took him away in handcuffs