Drilling Down

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Drilling Down by Mind Map: Drilling Down

1. Presentations

1.1. Problem: Students are not happy with the class.

1.1.1. There are 150 stufents in the class and this type of class structure does not work to effectively teach all 150 students

1.1.2. Factors contributing to the prolem:power point lecture is not interesting enough to maintain the attention of the class. Lecture time could be used more effectively with other methods such as group work Teacher does not know a more effective way to engage a class of this size Power point has too much information making it difficult to follow

1.1.3. How can the power point be made in a more interactive way to better engage the students? Is there group work that can be done to enhance the lecture through the duation of the class?

2. Lecture

2.1. John Edkins is adverse to using technology in his style of teaching

2.1.1. He has been teaching a specific way for a long time and therefore has not felt a need to move forward with technology As an ed tech I must present the technology in a way that could be simple for John so he is comfortable using it John has a limited amount of time (1 month) therefore this technology must be simple

2.1.2. John iwill be missing a class on a tuesday but would still like to conduct class somehow John's student's must also be willing to participate in the type of format Screen-Cast-O-Matic could be used so John can record his lecture and student's could listen to it on their own time during the week could video be incorporated into Joh's lecture so that students will be more engaged?

2.1.3. Will John be open minded enough to try technology in order to have his class lecture? Who will be available to deal with problems that may come up as a result of this program?

3. Discussions

3.1. Class discussions thus far are not producing positive results.

3.1.1. Only a few students are actively participating in the discussion Through online discussion some student's may be less inclined to participate since they won't be called on Some student's may not have the technology at home to participate online

3.1.2. How can the subject matter be made interesting so that student's participate? through technology class lectures can be made more interactive Web 2.0 tools such as H5P, Screen Cast O matic, Video Scribble, and powtoons can be used to enhance the lesson.

3.1.3. Teacher should change grading points to put more of a focus on online discussion? Student's will have an incentive and motivation to participate in class Encourage's student's to do readings and other course that could help their participation in the discussions.

4. Mapping

4.1. Theresa Ellen's students are having difficulty understanding 10th grade bio

4.1.1. Currently using powerpoint presentations but the info on the slides is not enough for the students How could this be made better so that students have a better understanding? Are students being provided with background information on these concepts before hand? Students would benefit from being provided with some background on the concepts being taught to them

4.1.2. Combine the use of Concept Mapping and Voice Thread to better relay the information to students How will combining two programs help the students with the learning curve? Students will get an opportunity to be more interactive which generally helps students to retain information What effect will the two new programs have on the teacher? Miss Ellen is a tech savy teacher who should be able to handle two new programs She is struggling with presenting bio concepts to her students, therefore will the two new programs enhance or hurt her even further?

5. Timelines

5.1. Instructor wants to introduce social media to his class to strengthen class material

5.1.1. Pros of social media use Will help student's be more engaged in their material Student's will be able to use technology that they have readily available to interact with history material The easy access of social media makes this a cheap and effective way to engage the students Could potentially lead to a new form of teaching in this professors class If successful in this class, the rest of the school could adopt this method for several of their lessons

5.1.2. Cons of social media use Will Parents be on board with this? Can this be presented to parents in a way that would allow them to see the positives of using social media for this clas? How do you combat cyber bullying? Limit the amount of social media platforms that are used to only a 2 or three main forms of social media Do students take this seriously enough to make this lesson meaningful ? Make this a graded assignment so that students take this seriously and provide meaningful information towards a class discussion on this topic